Construction Committee Meeting 2/15/2018 – Summary

On February 15th, we held our fourth Construction Committee meeting in the construction trailer at the site. In attendance were the Linden Neighborhood Association, the Wylie Court Condo Association, the general contractor, and the developer. Below you will find a summary of the items that were discussed:


We are currently installing structural masonry around the perimeter of the site, and are preparing to frame the second floor concrete slab in the coming weeks. This work will take about 3 weeks, after which we will begin construction of the stair towers.

In the second half of March, we will begin doing utility work in 13th Street. The most disruptive activity will be the replacement of a section of water main, which runs down the center of the street. This work will take approximately 4-5 weeks. This is generally the process for replacing the water main:

  1. We will close the section of 13th Street between H Street and Wiley Court (the alley east of 13th). This will not prevent access to Wylie St or to the alley.
  2. Southbound traffic will be rerouted down Wylie. Northbound traffic on 13th St will remain in place
  3. We will install the new pipe in the road, which will be protected by steel plates when work is not happening.
  4. DC Water will come inspect the work. DC Water will then schedule a water outage overnight, and they will provide notice to any properties that are affected.
  5. Once the water service is turned on, we will repave the roadway.

Work hours for this permit are 10a – 4p.

Here is are our traffic control plans for the water main work, which show how traffic will be routed:

Phase I:

TCP Phase I

Phase II:

TCP Phase II

Questions from the community:

Will we lose water pressure when the project is occupied?

No. DC Water requires that the builder test the pressure for any lines that serve a new project. DC Water has approved our plans, meaning that there should be sufficient water pressure to accommodate the new apartments.

Who will be the Property Manager for the project?

DP Property Management. They have not yet taken possession of the property, but their telephone number is 202-558-2152.

When will the project be complete?

We hope to have first residential occupancy in December of 2018. Retail occupancy will likely come in the first half of 2019.

Will new residents be able to get Residential Parking Permits?

No. Our project approval includes a requirement that no resident will be eligible for RPP.

Next Meeting

As a group, the Committee decided that monthly meetings are no longer required. The next Construction Committee meeting will be held in late April, 2018.

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