Construction Committee Meeting 11/15/2017 – Summary

On November 15th, we held our second Construction Committee meeting in the construction trailer at the site. In attendance were the Linden Neighborhood Association, the general contractor, and the developer. Below you will find a summary of the items that were discussed:


Due to the discover of some underground storage tanks, the project has been delayed for the past few weeks.

The tanks were previously removed, and this past week we over-excavated around the locations where the tanks were found, and began backfilling the openings. Our foundation subcontractor is scheduled to mobilize this coming Monday, 11/20/2017, and will begin driving our aggregate piers on Tuesday, 11/21. This work should take about 7-10 working days.

Aggregate piers are composed of crushed stone or other aggregate materials. These piers are driven into the soil by an impact rig, which pushes the material into the ground, creating a stable surface to support the future building. You can expect to notice some noise and vibration during this period. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

After the foundations have been installed, we will begin concrete work. First we will pour our concrete foundations on top of the aggregate piers, and then we will begin the concrete columns that go to the second floor. This work will continue until early next year.

This month there were no questions beyond those related to schedule.

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