Construction Committee Meeting 10/12/2017 – Summary

On October 12th, we held our first Construction Committee meeting with representatives of the Wylie Court community, the Linden Neighborhood Association, the general contractor, and the developer. Below you will find a summary of the items that were discussed:


In the next week or so, we plan to fill in some holes that were excavated around the site. We will also finish laying out our foundations.

We had hoped to begin installation of our foundations last week, but ran into some delays. This work will now begin in 3-4 weeks, and should last for about 7 working days.

Our project will use aggregate piers, which are composed of crushed stone or other aggregate materials. These piers are driven into the soil by an impact rig, which pushes the material into the ground, creating a stable surface to support the future building.

You can expect to notice some noise and vibration during this period. Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

After the foundations have been installed, we will begin concrete work. First we will pour our concrete foundations on top of the aggregate piers, and then we will begin the concrete columns that go to the second floor. This work will continue until early next year.

Questions from the community:

How does the development team ensure that the construction is of high quality?

We do this by providing detailed construction drawings that are reviewed by the city and a 3rd Party Plan Reviewer. Furthermore, there are inspectors that review the work in the field as it is completed. Our project must meet or exceed the standards of the DC Building Code.

When is the Capital Bikeshare station moving to its permanent location?

At the end of construction, in approximately 14 months.

How ‘affordable’ is ‘affordable housing’?

The District’s Department of Housing and Community Development sets the income thresholds and allowable rent payments for affordable housing units. These numbers are adjusted periodically. Click here for the latest numbers for 2017. Stay tuned to this website for more information on how to apply.

What is the unit mix for this project?

The project will have…

  • eighteen studios
  • six 1-bedroom apartments
  • three 2-bedroom apartments
  • six 3-bedroom apartments

Where is trash pickup for the building?

The project has a loading dock off of Wylie Court, where trash pick-up and move-ins/move-outs will occur.

What are working hours for construction?

The District allows construction activities from 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday-Saturday. For this project, we do not plan to work on Saturdays except to make up lost time. This could happen during a rainy week, for example, if the weather has caused delays to the project.

Where will subcontractors park?

We have identified above-ground and garage parking spaces in the neighborhood that are available for lease. We will encourage our subcontractors to take advantage of these parking spaces. Subcontractors are not permitted to park on the street or to ‘borrow’ visitor passes from neighbors.

What should neighbors do if they see subcontractors doing something inappropriate?

Please take a photo, if you can do so discretely, and send it to us. We will address the issue to the best of our ability.

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